Utilize Nerium-Approved Materials to Maximize Your Business!

By August 26, 2015English

Sharing the Nerium Opportunity with others? Utilize Nerium-approved materials to promote your business the right way!

Nerium provides Brand Partners with company-approved materials to ensure successful and compliant promotion. These materials include PowerPoints, flyers, social graphics for electronic media and other promotional materials available to you in your Marketing Center and Nerium Communications Center (NCC). Brand Partners are notified when new materials have been created and are ready to be utilized.

Using Nerium’s name, logos, trademarks, service marks or any copyrighted materials for any use other than what has already been approved may result in disciplinary action on your Brand Partner account. All non-approved materials must be submitted to our Korea Compliance Department for approval prior to use.

Need more information? See Sections 7.01 Trademarks and Section 7.04 Print and Electronic Advertising in your handbook for further details.

If you have any questions on what materials may or may not be acceptable to utilize when building your business, contact KoreaCompliance@Nerium.com and we will address your concerns.

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