Korea December Promotion

By December 3, 2015English

We are EXTENDING and enhancing the ADO Matching Promotion

All the following promotions will apply for the month of December between 3:00pm KST on 12/1/2015 and 2:59pm on 1/1/2016 KST (12:00am CST on 12/1/2015 and 11:59 pm CST on 12/31/2015).

All Korean Brand Partners  of Nerium International Korea must be in good standing to qualify for these promotions.


Any Brand Partner AND Preferred Customer that has an ADO process during the promotion period will receive double the night cream that is in their ADO order. This promotion does not apply for Day Cream. A limit of a total of 2 free night cream can be earned.

For example:


ADO Matching ADO Promotion(Additional Products)
Night Cream 1Bottle Night Cream 1Bottle
Night Cream 2Bottle Night Cream 2Bottle
Night Cream 3Bottle Above Night Cream 2Bottle
1 Combo Set Night Cream 2Bottle
 2 Combo Set & Above Night Cream 2Bottle
2 Night + 1Day Night 2Bottle
 1 Night + 2 Day Night 2Bottle
 3 Night & Above +  2 Day & Above Night 2Bottle


The following rules and limitations apply:

  • This promotion is only applicable to ADO ONLY.
  • Qualification Criteria
    • ADO must have a successful credit card payment transaction.
    • One ADO per Brand Partner account and one ADO process ONLY (*multi ADO or additional ADO via date-change is not allowed)
    • Per the policy and procedures, refunds are only acceptable if the entire order is returned and in sellable condition.




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