Improve Your Health and Well-Being With Nerium’s Red Ginseng

By January 13, 2017English
Nerium Premium Red Ginseng Gel

Nerium International is proud to unveil a new product for the Korean market: Nerium Premium Red Ginseng Gel.

Our Red Ginseng Gel features a grape flavor and contains the daily recommended dose of Ginseng in a convenient 10 g package. It can be taken with or without water and comes in a slim sealed packaging easy to transport and does not leak.

Daily use of Nerium Red Ginseng Gel can:

  • Help strengthen the immune system
  • Help improve fatigue
  • Provide support for blood flow, anti-oxidation and memory

The 6-year Korean Ginseng, locally grown on the Pacific peninsula, is guaranteed to contain high amounts of active components for the body. It’s also made with all-natural ingredients and does not include any artificial sweetener, congener, coloring or preservatives.

Sub-ingredients include:

  • Red Grape Concentrate
  • Fructo oligosaccharide

Korean Red Ginseng will be available in both single units and multi-packs to all Brand Partners and existing Preferred and Retail Customers on Jan. 12, 2017.

Each single unit contains a 30-day supply and it packaged as a gift set with three boxes of 10 sachets each. Multi-packs contain four of these units.

Pricing is as follows:

  • Single box BP/PC: 115,000 KRW
  • Single box Retail: 160,000 KRW
  • 4-Box set: 355,000 KRW

We’re excited to offer this new product to our Korean Brand Partners and Customers! It works in harmony with the body and is safe for the entire family, giving everyone a boost from the inside out.

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