ADO Matching Available in November; Two October Promotions Extended

By November 10, 2015English

Nerium International has extended two of its October promotions for Korean Brand Partners and added a third for November. We appreciate Brand Partners’ loyalty to Nerium and want to help them build business in Korea!

All promotions are for the month of November and will end on December 1 (11:59 pm CST on 11/30/2015). Eligible Brand Partners of Nerium International Korea must be in good standing to qualify.

New ADO Matching Promotion

Any Brand Partner with an Auto-Delivery Order processed during the promotion period will receive double of what is in their ADO order.

ADO Order Brand Partner Receives
1 Night Cream 1 free Night Cream
2 Night Creams 2 free Night Creams
1 Day Cream, 1 Night Cream 1 free Day Cream, 1 free Night Cream

This promotion only applies to Auto-Delivery Orders. Qualification criteria are:

  • ADO must have a successful credit card payment transaction.
  • One ADO per Brand Partner account and one ADO process ONLY (multiple ADOs or additional ADOs created with a date change are not allowed)
  • Per the policies and procedures, refunds are only acceptable if the entire order is returned and in sellable condition.

Rank Advancement Promotion Extended

Brand Partners who enroll six new Preferred Customers (PCs) between now and December 1 will receive one free rank advancement above “Paid As” rank, as defined in the policies and procedures. For example, if you qualify as a “Paid As” Senior Brand Partner in November, we would rank you up to a Director for one month.

The following rules and limitations apply:

  • The free rank advancement does not qualify for up line rank advancements.
  • Additional incentives are not applicable, including Director 60 (iPad) Bonus, Live Better Bonus, or Bali incentive promotion.
  • The six new PCs that are signed up in November must have their ADO process for two months, or we have the right to review your account and make adjustments.
  • The free rank advancement will be effective for the month of November.
  • The free rank will qualify for November monthly and weekly pay periods.
  • Applies only to “Paid As” Senior Brand Partner to Regional Marketing Directors who are in good standing.
  • Maximum free rank advancement is to National Marketing Director.

Enrollment Pack Promotion Extended

Any new Brand Partner who enrolls during the promotion period with the purchase of a Bronze, Silver or Gold pack will receive free additional products to help grow their business. Also, if you are a within your 30-day upgrade window, you can upgrade to these packs and receive the bonus products.

Bronze Silver Gold
2 additional Night Creams 4 additional Night Creams, 1 Day Cream 6 additional Night Creams, 2 Day Creams

The following rules and limitations apply:

  • Cannot buy multiple packs of Bronze, Silver or Gold.
  • Normal return policy applies.

If you have questions about the promotions, eligibility requirements or terms, please contact the Support Center.

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